The First Name In Materials Testing

3000 FA



The Tinius Olsen FA Series of digital compression testers features highly robust frames for exceptional stability when testing concrete cylinders or cubes. These compact testers are made up of three core pieces, namely the heavy duty load frame, hydraulic pump, and control and display systems. The large lower bearing block includes a bellows, so preventing leaks caused by dust and debris getting into the loading piston. The other advantage of this large bearing block is that it allows for a wide horizontal entrance opening and plenty of ready access for loading and removing specimens. This series also includes the rapid change platen system with which operators can quickly and easily change accessories, quickly switching between cylinder, block, cube and beam specimen testing. The hydraulic pumping system is attached to the loadframe and connected to the piston by high pressure hydraulic hose. The rate of loading and piston return on test completion is controlled automatically by the Smart Controller.

The FA series features front and rear doors so loading of cylinders is easily achieved and brushing out broken specimens to the rear is also easily achieved. The rear also features a debris chute that doubles as protection for the hydraulic hose and valve connections. Further safety features include physical limit switches, electronic limit switches and emergency panic button to ensure that your investment lasts for years of testing.

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